2024-2025 Online Registration (Ingersoll & District Minor Hockey)

Print2024-2025 Online Registration
Welcome to the 2024/25 IDMHA Hockey Registration,  Registration will be done online through the NEW Hockey Canada Web Portal, please follow all the online instructions, here are some basic guidelines with the process.


Here is the link to get started !!

Click Here to Register

This will take you to the main login screen and from there you will click on "Register Now"

1.You will need to signup and create a new account if you do not already have one, that is found at the bottom, once created you can start the registration

Please note that there is an alternative to creating NEW participant profiles in the HCR.

If parents would like to register new players for hockey, you can direct them to the Respect in Sports Program for Parents (https://omhahockeyparent.respectgroupinc.com/) (PDF walkthrough attached).

 Once parents complete the program, an HCR profile will be created and they can go to your Online Store and register as soon as they have completed the program. This may help Association Registrars with the task of getting a parent/guardian certified and players linked to the certificate.


2.  If the player has not played in any organized hockey please click on
register a new participant, Otherwise click on register an existing participant then start registration

3. Search for your participant, after you have found and selected your participant you can click on the available registrations, then click NEXT

4. You will need to complete the medical questionnaire, you can then add any extra items
• Try-Out Fee

5. You will then be taken through the following waivers and you must click I have read and accept the waiver at the bottom of the

• Hockey Canada Agreement
• Hockey Canada Waiver
• Rowan’s Law

6. You then have the choice to register another participant or proceed to check-out if you register another
participant please follow the steps above

7. The Registration Summary will then be posted
  • If you have more than 2 children you may not
    see the summary as in photo to the right. Look
    to the right of the player’s name for a plus sign
    and press to show the registration break down.
8. Payment Terms and Conditions must be accepted before proceeding, then you can finalize payment by credit card or etransfer.

Thank you 

IDMHA Executive